A Short Story

This is a nudist short story (somewhat fictional), about a young nudist man’s dream and epiphany. This is my first real post on the blog, so bare with me.

He was sleeping comfortably on the bed, and he didn’t bother to have any clothes on whatsoever. Of course, why would he, for he was a nudist, living his life clothes free as much as he possibly could.

It seemed like everything was fine, the content sleeping nudist seemed at perfect peace. All of a sudden something bright and shiny flashed and something appeared to have happened with the young man. His arms interestingly stayed still mostly, but his legs were making weird movements. As if he was trying to escape. To escape the sinister unknown, perhaps. Either way, he was struggling, that was clear.

But after a half minute or so, as if the sinister unknown had failed to posses completely, failed to overpower the young man, it all stopped. He went back to sleep right away, maybe he was sleeping all the way through the bizarre incident. Anyway, things were back to normal, the way it should be.

Here’s a performance art video, depicting what you just read.

When the young nudist woke up, he first realized it was a bad dream only, and after thinking for a while came to the conclusion that the sinister unknown was symbolizing society, trying to force their way on everyone, but some like him, resisted the propaganda and were proud and happy nudists. They didn’t feel shameful or weird about being nude, their bodies, or anybody else’s for that matter, and they really enjoyed being bare. For them, being naked was life.

Well this is it folks, just a little food for thought. I hope you enjoyed reading & watching it.


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