Today I wanted to do something different and write a little about the thoughts surrounding two nude digital art works of mine. As you may have guessed, T.S.M.N.D.A. is the initials of Thoughts Surrounding My Nude Digital Art. If you guys like it, I might start having one of these every week or so. Let me know in the comments section !


Thoughts were racing through my mind. It felt like my brain waves were moving at light speed. I had to slow it down a little, just kick back and relax. So I meditated. I starkly mediated with myself. I didn’t let my thoughts devourer my intellect. But it wasn’t easy. The more I looked for inner peace, the more chaos I found. I couldn’t really grasp the nature of these thoughts whatsoever. As this war was going on inside of my head, I was desperately searching for tranquillity. But what were these thoughts exactly ?


Ready for whatever, that’s how I felt. Ready to take off and run, if it’s necessary. My engine is roaring, prepared to get going in no time. And if I have to, I won’t stop, I won’t look back. I feel like I could sprint to the end of the world. I will go as far as required, nothing can hold me back. I can even take the alternate route, even though it’s a long one, I will ultimately end up in the same exact place.


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