RT : Re-edit Tuesday

I was feeling rather creative today, so I decided to go back and re-edit some of my previous nude digital art photos. I ended up with 9 reimagined works. Which ones did you like ? Which ones were better than the originals ? Do you guys want to see more re-edits in the future ? Let me know in the comment section what you guys think about them. Here they are :



4 thoughts on “RT : Re-edit Tuesday

  1. I want you to know that I appreciate your blog and share in many of your viewpoints. I think that you are hiding your face because you feel vulnerable to shaming from family and friends or work colleagues. To me I read that fear in every piece you have published. I look forward to seeing freedom from that fear, a joyful liberation and triumphant celebration of “you” that only your face can convey. One can only read “body language” in all of your of work so far, and the vocabulary in that is limited without the face. There is no shame in being nude as you well know, so it is not good to reinforce that shame message in your work, as you have been doing, I doubt that was your intent.

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    • That’s one way you can look at it, I guess. However the reason I don’t show my face is my artistic concept (Others hide their bodies, I hide my face). The big thing will be when I reveal my face, I’m planning to, you’ll see, it might happen sooner than you think. But I assure you it’s not about shame, after all I have been a life drawing art model several times, and there I don’t hide my face of course. Interesting to read your interpretation though, thanks for following my work.

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