Parallel universe

Today I wanted to present one of my performance art videos, along with a little accompanying writing about it. I really love performance art and have several other videos with different themes, some are here on the blog in the art section, while you can find all of them on my Vimeo channel. Of course, they all contain nudity. I hope this particular one will be to your liking. Enjoy !

Let me tell you about a parallel universe, that possibly exists somewhere, but is imaginary at the same time. In this universe, people are dressed home but have to be clothes free when they leave their residence. Kind of a reverse nudist/naturist state of norm.

There are of course textile resorts, where you can wear clothes, as well as textile beaches and so on. For the people living here, it’s the natural thing to be dressed at home and naked outside. Consequently, there’s a clothes free custom nearly everywhere, from workplaces to stores to even public locations. Correspondingly even when it’s not practical to be naked, people are nude anyway.

This universe might seem strange, but I think that us nudists/naturist would like it a lot more if our world was just like that or somewhat similar at least. Of course, an entirely clothes free world is our dream, but chances that it will happen are not that great. But remember dreams come true sometimes. But you have to work really hard for them.


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