Some shorts


Some shorts (pun intended) … this is going to be a post with a few short & different things, all rolled into some delicious food for thought. I’m also going to point out an important thing for you to know. Here we go !

A clothing optional world – relative to the weather 

This would be our (nudists & naturists) ultimate dream come true, but it also makes so much sense. When it’s cold, people put on warmer (and more) clothing, to protect themselves against the chilly weather. So when it is hot outside, wouldn’t it make sense to get rid of your clothing altogether since you don’t need to protect yourself from the cold ? Think about it, sometimes it’s even too hot to wear clothing, you start sweating instantly when you leave your air conditioned home (if you have that), and who wants that ? My point is that it would make perfect sense to let those, who want to go clothes free, be naked when it’s really hot outside. Tell me I’m wrong …


“Winter was invented by clothing companies”

Everybody loves a good laugh, so I thought I’d give you one ! The other day I remembered hearing about nudism/naturism once in a video game, back when I was a kid. To be exact, what I heard was a conversation between a caller and a radio host, on an in game imaginary call-in radio station, from a game called Grand Theft Auto III (which some people may not like, but the series is extremely popular). I actually found it on YouTube, and even though it is satirical, I think it’s quite hilarious and worth a listen, so here it is :

The best suit – get naked by suiting up

They say nothing beats the original, the first one is always best etc. , so let’s apply that to suits. What is your first suit ever ? That’s right, your birthday suit ; it is your most formidable attire. So I’d like to encourage everybody to suit up into theirs !

Important info !!!

As you know (I really hope you do), I am not just a blogger. I also create what I call nude digital art, and that really is my main thing. I used to have a tumblr blog that was mainly for displaying my creations (and even some performance art videos), but then I got rid of that and moved my art over to this wordpress blog. Here’s the tricky part : I know a lot of people visit this site on their mobile phones and tablets, and do to the “mobile view”, it’s pretty hard to find the rest of the content on this site that is not the actual blog posts. I have four other sections (Art, Press, About, Contact), so if you didn’t know that and have been missing out, I’m going to give you direct links to each for easier access.

Art –

Press –

About –

Contact –



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