Sorry for the wait

Dear readers of this blog, I know you guys have been waiting for a new post for over a month. I’m sincerely sorry for not being active, but I have been going through some tough times on the family front, hence my absence here and on twitter. But now I’m back, and I will try to write new posts weekly as I did before. Here’s the first new post ! Today I wanted to share a few recent works/photos with you, and write some thoughts surrounding them.  



I really like this particular photo, for a couple reasons. First of all, it’s my favorite pose & angle, when taking photos. Secondly, it’s a natural edit, showing the beautiful & bare human body, nothing more and nothing less. I simply think that this photo is special and unique in it’s own right. Where else have you seen a photo like this ? If you have, I’d really like to see it, leave a link in the comments section, because I think I’m a bit of a pioneer with the whole thing, so I’d be surprised if someone else has already done something similar. I guess we will find out sooner or later.



Here’s another photo of the male nude, with the model being yours truly. I believe this one came out great as well, the editing is similar to the first photo, however, the pose is completely different. Originally I called it “1 more step”, but as I write this, I’d rather name it “The faceless dancer”. Either way, you’ve probably seen that it’s my current profile photo on twitter (a black & white version), so you can probably draw the conclusion that this photo is pretty damn cool, at least according to me.



Here’s the third photo, which happens to follow much the same guidelines when it comes to the editing part, but it’s also a different pose. I love how it came out, I feel that it’s simple artistic and to be completely honest, I suddenly feel the urge to make it my profile photo on twitter. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but by the time you read this, I will have probably changed to this pic already.



And last but not least, I have one more photo for you, but for this one, I want you guys to write your thoughts, in the comments section. I called this one “Nude In Nature”, why overcomplicate things, it is what it is. Can’t wait to read what you guys write !


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